Irina Troitskaya


I was born and raised in Izhevsk, city of dead ends, sad electronic music and Finno-Ugric cultural roots.

My love of drawing led me to the university, where I studied arts about five years. However it gave me nothing but weariness. First time in my life drawing became my abhorrence. Drawing and painting were regarded as quaint relics from the past. I felt disappointed and surely didn’t want to join endless row of realistic fine artist drawing still-lifes and landscapes.

On graduating from the university I've abandoned drawing for more than four years. From the perspective I have now I see it helped me to collect data, get some life experience, so no regrets. But I always preferred pictures to words.

In summer of 2003 I decided it was time for a change. So I packed up and took a chance in Moscow. Since then I work and reside in the capital of Russia. Now I’m a free-lance illustrator at day and an artist at night. And I’m pretty glad with the result. Life’s too short to be someone you don’t want to.