Irina Troitskaya


Irina Troitskaya grew up in Izhevsk, an industrial city deep into Russia. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember herself. Her delicate, surreal and poetic works record those fragile moments of life which hard to capture, because they vanish from our sight in a blink. She tells us stories of intimate relationships between a bear and a bird or a fish and a lion whose coexistence seems impossible, but yet true.

Irina practiced her skills at the Udmurt State University, Faculty of Arts in Izhevsk, Russia. Later she entered the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England and got her Master's in Illustration. Now she works as a freelance illustrator and also a tutor of Illustration, Visual Communications course of British Higher school of Art and Design, Moscow, Russia.

Started to publish illustrations in 2003, Irina works for press, advertising and book publishing. She has been commissioned by Elle, Afisha, Popular Finances, Kids, Hewlett-Packard, Alfa-Capital, Yandex and BMW – to name but a few. Her works are in private collections in Russia, Spain, China, Argentina, USA and United Kingdom.

Exhibition background:

Dind! Dong! plus Euro Velo, Chistka Odezhdy gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2010
Euro Velo Map, Mein Haus am See cafe-gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2010
Ding! Dong! Exhibition, Dom Rosta art space, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2010
Last Match, Group project, Riga, Latvia then moved to Gallery Artside, Lisbon, Portugal, Next Comic Festival, Linz, Austria, Fumetto Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland, Comics Days, Haarlem, the Netherlands, Comicstage, Erlangen, Germany, Gallery MZIN, Leipzig, Germany, Contemporary Art Festival Artisterium, Tbilisi, Georgia, KomiksFest!, Prague, Czech Republic, 2010-11
Pereputanitza (Patterns), Dom cultural centre, Moscow, Russia, 2009
Matryoshkas I love, Mesto gallery-store, Moscow, Russia, 2009
Russians, Rotopol Gallery, Kassel, Germany, 2009
Witnessed from afar, The Carmichael gallery of contemporary art, West Hollywood, CA, USA, 2008
Song Book by Tzeh, Dom cultural centre, Moscow, Russia, 2007
Opening, The Carmichael gallery of contemporary art, West Hollywood, CA, USA, 2007
So many selves, The Carmichael gallery of contemporary art, West Hollywood, CA, USA, 2007
The kindness of strangers, The Helm gallery, Tacoma, WA, USA, 2007